Combined Energy Services


At the time of delivery, our delivery driver will leave a metered delivery ticket / invoice and return envelope for your payment.  This invoice will show:

  • date & time of delivery
  • product delivered & number of gallons delivered
  • price per gallon
  • total cost including regulatory compliance charge & tax if applicable
  • discounted balance if paid in 10 days


  1. Renters:  Customers that rent their home are required to have one of the following:
    1. Security advance payment on the account which covers the next scheduled delivery amount in dollars.
    2. Valid credit card on file
    3. Join our CES EZ-Chair Payment Plan 
    4. Fuel oil customers may pay COD with a pre-determined delivery appointment.
  1. Home Owners / Businesses:   with a CES Credit approved account, you can choose any of the payment options below.  If your credit is less than spotless or simply unapproved, you would have the same options as #1. 

          Download CES Credit Application

Businesses:  Download Corporate Personal Guarantee

CES offers several methods to manage your fuel your bills:

a.  Bill-Pay On-Line:
Click here and make a secure payment on-line

$$ SAVE $.05 Cents on every gallon purchased with ACH/Bank Draft $$

b.  Automatic Bank Account Payment   (CES Auto Bank Draft Authorization Form)
Paying your bill has never been easier with electronic funds transfers (EFT) from your selected checking or savings account.  No more check writing, no more postage and more importantly no more worrying about late charges.  Have your payment automatically drafted from your checking or savings account. Please click and download the CES ACH Authorization Form above, fill out and mail back to the CES office to enroll. 

NOTE: Propane & Fuel Oil Customers will receive an additional .05 cent discount per gallon when allowing CES to auto draft your bank account within 24 hours after delivery date. (This is in addition to the .20 cents per gallon prompt pay discount!) (Not to be combined with any other special pricing offers or discounts!)

Effective 2/24/10 All EFT/ACH drafts will be applied to your CES account once they clear our bank.  If you require an immediate delivery, you may want to call the office to make alternate payment arrangements that will credit to your account sooner.  

c.  Automatic Credit Card Billing   (CES Credit Card Authorization Form)
CES can automatically bill your Visa, Mastercard or Discover card after each delivery.  We safely store your information on file and bill your credit card.  An e-mail receipt will be sent to let you know as soon as its made.  Please click and download the CES Credit Card Authorization Form above, fill out and mail back to the CES office to enroll.

d.  Mailed Payment: 
Our delivery driver will leave your invoice at the point of delivery along with a return payment envelope for your convenience.  We accept payment by US Mail of either check or money order to any CES office. 

e.  Credit Card Call-In or On-Line Bill Pay
Payment can be made by major credit card by calling our offices or using the convenient on-line Bill-Pay form.  We encourage our customers to create an account to manage  your account on-line and make payments.

f.  Payment in Person: 
You can pay in person with cash, money order, check, debit card or credit card at anyone of our offices:

  • Monticello, NY:   216 E. Broadway       
  • Liberty, NY:      8 Oak Street
  • Dingmans Ferry, PA:   1483 Route 739


        E-Z Chair Budget Payment Plan

Smooth out winter heating bills! 

CES offers a convenient 12 month E-Z Chair even payment plan for our propane & fuel oil customers that allows you to spread the big heating bills out and has the added protection of having a capped price during the winter months if you choose.  We calculate your estimated consumption and determine a budgetable monthly payment amount. Our E-Z Chair plans will be adjusted quarterly to make sure you are paying the lowest possible monthly payment.

Pricing Options: 
Our E-Z Chair customers have the choice of 2 pricing options from  (June 1st  April 30th)

1. Plan A: "E-Z Chair Plan with a "Capped Price". The first payment will be for the NON-REFUNDABLE "Cap Fee". 11 additional monthly E-Z Chair Payments beginning on 6/10/2009. If your usage remains the same as we've estimated for the last 2 years, your payment can only go down!  This plan will protect your pricing for 12 months.

2. Plan B: " E-Z Chair Plan at "Market Price". 11 monthly E-Z Chair Payments beginning 6/10/2009. All deliveries will be billed at the current market rate.  This plan uses the local market rate and does not offer price protection.

"All E-Z Chair Customers receive the $.20 cent per gallon Prompt-Pay Discount"

"Receive an additional $.05 cents per gallon when you use our "ACH Auto Bank Draft Option" Click Here to enroll & start saving now!

Please make note of the following:

  • The "CAP FEE" is a fee for insurance that we charge you and pass on to our fuel suppliers. We do not make any money on the fee; we merely take your first payments and buy this insurance called a "Put Option" on the NYMEX (New York Merchantile Exchange) to protect your gallons.  This fee is "Non-Refundable" and will be applied to your account upon enrollment.
  • Any credits that you have currently on your account have been taken into consideraton when calculating the monthly payment.  If for any reason you DO NOT want your credit used toward the plan, please tell one of our customer service representatives.
  • If you currently have a balance on your account, you must pay that balance in full before you can start the E-Z Chair Plan.
  • Capped Prices are subject to change daily, call today to find out the current capped price.
For more information on our E-Z Chair program, contact one of our E-Z Chair Program Specialists!  (Click Here)

Payment Options:

  1. Pay-by-check: we can send you pre-printed return envelopes which you return with your payment each month.
  2. Automatic Credit Card or Debit Card Billing
  3. Automatic Bank Draft Auto ACH/Bank Draft from your selected checking or savings account.  (SAVE $.05 Cents a Gallon)  

Pre-Pay Price Protection Plans:

Pay for all your fuel in advance of the season for the best possible rate!

CES has been the leader in Price Protection Plans for over 18 years by securing your fuel months ahead of time through both contracts with wholesale fuel suppliers to ensure we have the fuel when you need it in the winter months and through financial protection on the NYMEX futures exchange.  Unlike many companies that have either not honored their price plans or simply vanished during the heating season with their customers pre-pay monies, CES is proud to offer our program for almost two decades, saving our customers millions of dollars! 

We add your monthly gallon requirements with hundreds of other CES customers to purchase winter contracts in 42,000 gallon allotments.  This ensures we know EXACTLY what our costs will be months in advance.  (winter months are Oct 1st thru April 30th). 

In 2007-08, our fixed price customers saved over $0.85 per gallon at the peak over the regular home heating market. 

Choice:  Capped Pre-Pay Plan
  1. Price Cap Plan:   This plan comes with a capped price you will pay
    during the heating season, but offers the down side advantage of a lower
    price if the market drops during the heating season. 

We contract for the actual gallons you'll need for the winter months ahead of time and then purchase putt options on the NYMEX market that allows us to offer you a capped rate, but also the advantage of paying the local market rate if the prices drops during the winter.  The capped price plan has a capped price which is approx $0.25 higher than the market price plan.  This is really insurance that allows you to take advantage if the market drops.  We have to pay for this insurance, thus the higher price.